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For 85 years, the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) has been committed to empower, inform and uplift women and children in communities of color. During the COVID 19 pandemic, we have strengthened our resolve to address the importance of how vaccines save lives.

The Good Health Women’s Immunization Networks (Good Health WINs) is our commitment to build an army of good health champions who understand the importance of immunizations across the lifespan. We want to educate, advocate and impact families and communities across the US to both end the pandemic, address health disparities, and shine the light on the importance of good health. Through our network of trusted messengers and grassroots activities, our goal is to increase vaccination rates, access and help remove barriers to access to vaccines and good health.

Please Join Us
Together, we can save lives and we know that Good Health WINs!

Grant Application

NorCal Region
Good Health WINs
Mini-Grant Program

The NorCal Region of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW) is launching a mini-grant program to encourage the NorCal Region Sections to partner with community organizations and/or NCNW Affiliate organizations on the CDC Bridge Access Program, vaccine education and promotion projects. All NorCal Sections can apply to receive a mini-grant between $500 – $1,000. Due to limited funds, not all applications submitted will receive funding.

The Goal
The mini-grants will support NCNW’s goal to create a network of regional and local partners who will raise awareness on the CDC Bridge Access Program, immunization for vaccination preventable diseases (i.e., COVID, shingles, influenza pneumonia, MMR, etc.) and contribute to the evidence-based effective interventions to improve vaccine coverage.

During this grant year, the NorCal Scope of Work and mini-grant focus is…

  • To enhance efforts of the CDC Bridge Access Program.
  • Collaborate with communities and empower influential community messengers to improve vaccination availability, accessibility, and confidence, with a focus on uninsured and underinsured adults.
  • Build partnerships between vaccination providers (e.g., pharmacies) and communities to increase the number, range, and diversity of opportunities for vaccination.
  • Develop and implement vaccination educational campaigns and messaging focused on engaging uninsured and underinsured adults as part of other communications strategies.

This Grant has been dispersed. We are in the process of developing more grant through the GHWs Program. Please check back in the Fall for more information.

House Calls

Discussing Flu, Pneumonia, HPV, Shingles, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and COVID.

A team of healthcare professionals make a virtual house cal to tackle the myths, misinformation, and mistrust you may have about vaccine preventable diseases.

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Parents and the Pandemic

Child Vaccination Hesitancy

The NorCal Region of NCNW hosted a panel of experts who challenge social media misinformation with factual, numbers-driven evidence. You will learn about both the risks and benefits of COVID vaccines as we attempt to address and overcome objections to having your child vaccinated.

Play Video about Parents and the Pandemic

Baby Talk

COVID Vaccines
and Fertility

The NorCal Region of NCNW hosted an engaging and informative discussion on women’s concerns regarding COVID vaccines and their fertility.

Play Video about NorCal NCNW Baby Talk Webinar Poster